My organizing process revolves around working with the bones of your home and your lifestyle.  I want a space to look aesthetically pleasing first and foremost, and second to be efficient and functional. I’ve had my own business for over 5 years and what keeps me excited is that every home is a unique opportunity for a makeover. My goal is to lift the weight off your shoulders and alleviate the debilitating stress that overwhelms and paralyzes. Every home no matter the size or circumstance has the potential to be beautiful and comforting. I love to problem solve and often create customized solutions and designs with my handyman. Putting plastic labeled bins in a closet doesn’t mean it’s accessible or efficient. I rarely buy organizational supplies.  I prefer realistic organic solutions and materials over plastic and quick fixes. Organic materials add warmth, are environmentally friendly, and are often less expensive. I treat your home as if it were my own. I consider cost and long term solutions.

It’s natural for things to get messy. Kids make a mess when they play. Artists make a mess when they work. The key is having an organized base foundation so that you can easily get it then put it away, thus having the freedom to continue to experiment and create.

I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard it all…no judgment. Doing what I do has taught me that we all have the same problems with varying degrees and perspectives. Life is messy, which is why having a beautiful comforting home is soothing on those rough days. Hiring an expert who genuinely enjoys organizing and design, with years of experience working with other designers will always be a good investment. I give away my ideas freely. I make everyone happy.


  • Residential organization: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, playroom, closets, home office, craft room, garage
  • Commercial and office organization: storefront, warehouse, art studio, workroom, storage room
  • Home setup (unpacking) & temporary management
  • Consultation & Design Assistance
  • Rearrange your furniture to improve organization and flow

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Professional Organizer Services
Interior Stylist Services


Providing styling services or a “lite” version of interior design for home and commercial spaces.  If your project or design issues aren’t big enough to bring in an interior designer hiring an interior stylist is the ideal middle ground.

I often go into people’s homes who have not had the time or know-how to approach filling in the gaps to complete their space (empty walls, empty spaces, outgrown furniture, etc…) I assess the space and discussed my client’s goals. If my client doesn’t have a specific style, we will discuss ideas and make the perfect plan. I research and present furnishing and other product ideas. All while keeping my client on track, so their final design is cohesive and expresses their own individual style. I plan and assist with the placement of furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, as well, placement of Objects D’art. I style bookshelves and other surfaces so your view is most pleasing and finding what you need, is most efficient.



I want you to feel that the result represents your unique style and most importantly work with the bones of your home. If I could only change one thing to improve someone’s home it would always be lighting. Adding plants does wonders to detract from clutter and add life to a space. Curation of your things is what transforms them from looking cluttered versus harmonious.


  • Art arrangement
  • Collection curation
  • Bookshelf styling
  • Lighting design
  • Adding texture and warmth with accessories
  • Furniture rearrangement and purchasing
  • Backyard patio design

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Providing interior plant design or interior “plantscaping” services for residences, commercial spaces, special events, photo-shoots, and outdoor patios.

Plants are living art – green sculptures that create a sense of vibrancy and calm. It has been proven that plants fulfill a psychological need. They maintain a necessary connection to nature. No one ever tires of looking at nature.

All interior designers as well as magazines like Architectural Digest or Elle Decor use plants as the finishing touch once all other elements are in place.

  • Natural decorating alternative
  • Draws the eye away from clutter
  • Detoxify indoor air (which can be worse than outdoor air)
  • Provide privacy and screen unpleasant views
  • Help divide, define and add interest to large spaces
  • Direct traffic
  • Create aesthetically pleasing backdrops and frame views
  • Fill awkward empty spaces

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Interior Plant Design Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consultation free?

The initial consultation, conducted by phone or e-mail, is free. After the phone consultation, there is the option to arrange a more in-depth consultation or our first session. I work on an hourly or flat fee basis depending on the work.

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What is your rate?

My hourly rate for organization is $75/hour. I require a minimum commitment of 4 hours per day. I offer flat rates depending on the project and an estimate of the costs of your project if possible. For larger scope projects I provide proposals.

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What does a typical session look like?

No session is ever the same. Generally the order of process can be purge, sort, place/style, order supplies (if necessary), redesign, and fill in the details. The in-home session begins with sorting, and if needed, purging, items in the space to organized.  

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Do I have to be at home when you’re working?

I customize my services to work around your needs and comfort level. We can work side-by-side, on your own under my guidance, and on my own. Purging is ideally done with the supervision of the client, but I have a system in place when hands-on involvement is not possible. None of your items will be disposed of without your explicit permission.  I often work in homes alone and am able to provide references.

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How long will it take to get organized and design my space?

It varies by client. It is dependent upon how many things you own, the size of your home, and how quickly you are able to make decisions. Estimations provided during the in person consult. 

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How are you different than other organizers?

What I do is a hybrid of organizing and interior design.  I also decorate with plants and help set up homes as a temporary home manager. I connect my clients with reputable contracters, landscape designers, gardeners, handymen, electricians, and house keepers. I worked for several years as an assistant in the film industry. 

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Will you help me shop for items to improve my space?

Yes. I often help my clients with sourcing and design even if it’s just for one or two items. 

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Where are you willing to travel?

I work in the greater Los Angeles area: Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, Eagle Rock, Larchmont, Santa Monica, Venice, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Pasadena, Malibu, Topanga Canyon, Westwood, Redondo Beach, Marina Del Rey, Highland Park, Playa Del Rey, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Woodland Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Century City, Larchmont, Encino. 

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What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal. 

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Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely!  These are great gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Please email for more information.  

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