Lisa is awesome. We had moved across the country with a 3 year old and all our stuff from 10 years together and downsized only to find ourselves completely disorganized and crazy busy. I had heard of the new trends in Japanese organizing tactics but just didn't have enough time with a crazy work schedule. Lisa sorted thru things, gave us piles, let us take as much control as we needed to oversee what went out and stayed, but took a huge relief of organization off my plate. I highly recommend Lisa as a phenomenal design and organization professional. Grateful for her help in clearing away years of clutter we didn't even know we'd picked up. Our house works now; we're grateful.

Johanna M.

Lisa absolutely transformed our home! She helped us organize and style some tough rooms that I never thought could become well organized and functional. Everything from my closet to the bar looks great, well organized, and perfectly functional at last. If you are looking to get rid of clutter and make your house a perfectly organized & styled home, Lisa can get it done! Merci, Lisa.

Irina S.

I had lived in my apartment for two years, but it never felt "lived-in" (i.e. I had boxes of stuff still unpacked and a whole lot of blank, empty wall space). The thought of tackling it myself was overwhelming (hence the two years living like a squatter in my own house), so when I heard of Lisa's services through a friend, I thought I'd give her a try. So glad I did! She helped make my apartment feel like home--a stylish, tidy, well-organized home that if I tried on my own would probably wind up a "pinterest fail." She was fast, efficient, and great to work with.

Kate S.

I used to think that I was doomed to a messy and disorganized life. Lisa changed all of that. She showed me that sanity was so much closer than I ever imagined. My home is now night and day, clean and stylish with more than enough room for myself. Thank god!!

Chris F.

Lisa came through and brought order to the chaos of my workshop. Now I am constantly getting compliments on how organized I am when people come by. That is all Lisa!

Jim K.

I had a short-term unpacking project that I needed immediate help with. I had recently emptied a storage space... into my room. Lisa was flexible with her schedule and agreed to meet up over the weekend. Her methods are swift and effective. It was a little tough for me at times given my lackadaisical and nostalgic nature, getting swept away with old stuff coming out of the woodworks. Lisa's disciplined and organized (pun intended) approach was exactly what I needed -- we accomplished so much in just a few hours. Lisa also had many great ideas and recommendations to offer that have inspired continued progress on organizing my space.

Gaurav B.

She showed up on time. Early in fact. Was focused and ready to work. Easy going personality.

Mariko M.

Organized home office as well as other area and my family had a wow moment for some areas.

Sonal V.

I have a very unorganized office that I've actually hired organizers to help out with before, but nobody tackled it like Lisa! She is nothing short of fantastic. She's also starting to help with other areas of the house and has a great eye for design. I'm so glad I found her. Looking forward to more organizing! She's also got a great personality and is very encouraging and focused on getting the job done. 5+ stars!

Cindy H.

Lisa did an excellent job, I highly recommend her.

Liz B.

Outstanding. Lisa is fast, has great design sensibility and she is methodical. I will be working with her on an ongoing basis as she really is full of ideas and has already helped me transform my space after just one day with her. Top notch, it doesn't get any more professional than Lisa.

Alisa M.

Very talented worker with really amazing ideas. I was blown away by the suggestions she made and am looking forward to having her totally change my house.

Brian W.

I had so much clutter all over my condo, but mostly in the master bedroom and the master closet. Lisa had the amazing ability to quickly and efficiently cut through all my junk and had me throwing out or donating in no time. She has a great eye and helped create spaces for all my photography gear that I didn't even know I had. And as an added bonus, she was able to cut through and re-organize my kitchen, pantry and even my back patio and tool closet. She did all of this with no time wasted and great humor. I laughed a great deal as well. It was the best investment I've made in myself in quite a long time. She's the real deal. I give the highest recommendation.

Mike P.

Lisa is the best!!

Katy G.

Lisa Shields is an original. She thinks out of the box and can do a lot with a little. She's an artist. I can't recommend her more highly. She also has a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around!

Greta M.

Lisa Shields is a life saver! My office was out of control, cluttered and cramped. Lisa completely transformed the space. It is now a beautiful and functional place, that I look forward to working in every day. Not only did she organize my desk, but she improved my business and life!

Leah C.

Lisa came in to do something with our kitchen, which was a bit of a disaster. She addressed all my concerns and went above and beyond with great suggestions that really made the most of the space and on top of that, lowered the budget and shortened the schedule. Having her deck out our kitchen was a real pleasure, thanks Lisa!

Christopher A.